1. Enter your viewing gallery.

2. Choose one of the images you wish to have on your holiday card, (this isn't that important, as many of the holiday cards have more than one image used on the cards) BUT for purchasing the cards, just choose one you wish.

3. Click to enlarge the photo and click on "Buy Photo" as pictured below.

4. Once you have enlarged the photo and clicked the cart button, a window will open, like pictured below. If you scroll all the way to the bottom of the choices, OR click on the "OTHERS" tab, you will see the holiday card options. 

5. You will notice that it will not have the designs, that's okay! Purchasing through the gallery is just a way of paying for the holiday cards. Alyssa will design and customize your cards once purchased. Simply order however many cards you will need (they are packs of 25 with FREE white envelopes). If you wish to have the gold, silver or kraft envelopes, order those as well. 

6. ONCE ORDERED: Okay, yaahh! You've now ordered your cards. Alyssa will email you, asking which design you would like. You can find the designs on the "PAPER GOODS" tab. We will go over what you wish the cards to say and how you would like them customized.