Just another way of bringing motion and more emotion to very sweet moments. More coming in 2018.

Anilson + Tiffany

A sweet and playful engagement session taken at the Mohican Grand Barn Cabins in Loudonville, Ohio.


"I love you... I love you too", translating to Cape Verdean Kriolu- "Nta amou... Nta amou tambe'"


Love Of God

Felicia shares with the world a young woman's heart finding her identity in Christ. 


The Story Of Farmhouse Frocks

Farmhouse Frocks, nestled in the heart of Amish Country, Ohio believes in the power of women and empowerment. Lena Schlabach, owner of Farmhouse Frocks goes more in depth of her testimony and the blooming of the company. With 30+ Amish women seamstresses, Farmhouse Frocks curates to all bohemian, vintage styled women.