So... here's the scoop!

I was a creative dreamer before I even realized I was a creative junky. Kinda crazy, right? I have a passion for beauty, art and thinking way outside my means.  I'm a 24 year-young woman driven with a deeper goal in mind. I married my high school sweet heart and we decided to heck with the normal wedding way. We ventured out west for something way different and married under the gorgeous Wahclella Falls in Portland, Oregon. But this way of thinking didn't stop at our wedding day. 

As I grow older, the more aware I become to the essence of art. Days pass so quickly and the beauty of photography is the ability to see and feel those memories forever once our days have passed. What drives my business are those raw, emotional moments that I convey through my works of art. 

I also have a passion for kick starting businesses and helping evolve a "bright idea" into something tangible and real. I've since grown my home interior blog, Cottonwood Shanty. I share blogs on our projects/renovations and make one-of-a-kind wall scrolls. Things are always interesting around the Eliot's.

The Niddy-Griddy

With 7 years of photography experience, a degree in Photography from the Art Institute, I am utterly confident in my niche of market; delivering emotional and raw pieces of art to my clients. Since I've began my photography career, I've had the opportunity to work with many other professional creative artists'. Photographing for Farmhouse Frocks, AmeriKen, Stella Shows (of Country Living Fair), Crimson Design Group, Schlabach Woodworks, Action Coupling, Wood With A Past, and donated services to New Pointe Community Church are all among my portfolio.